Field Guide: Insurance

What’s Required

Tidy Casa requires a general liability and workers compensation insurance policy.

We require proof of insurance with “Tidy Casa LLC” listed as additionally insured. Once you’ve signed up with your insurance carrier. Send in your proof of insurance so we have them on file.

General Liability Requirements

  • At least $1,000,000 in coverage
  • Tidy Casa listed as additionally insured



These policies are less expensive than you think and help protect you, your equipment and customers in emergencies.

Over the past two years, insurance has helped save Tidy Casa contractors $2,877.24 in accidental damage. Look at the list below to see what we broke and how much it cost to replace.

Broken Item Cost
Total: $3,150.23
Stovetop $1,026.00
Granite Countertops $958.00
Vitamix Blender Cup $299.25
Floor Lamp $272.99
Carpet Repair Service $250.00
Faucet $165.03
Ceiling Fan Bulb $99.00
French Press $54.96
Broken Light Bulb $25.00

With general liability insurance, there’s typically no deductible. That means no out of pocket cost when something needs to be replaced or fixed.

Where to get insurance?

Tidy Casa suggests working with one of the following companies.

Valles Insurance Group, Inc.

Ever-Friendly Residential Cleaners Association