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  • You work for Tidy Casa. You received an email from an angry customer. She's accusing the company of causing damage to her property. Read the email and related info below. Write your response as if you are responding to her. Note: There's no wrong answer.

    Email Complaint:
    Subject: Broken makeup item, contents of bags rearranged
    Email Body:

    I got a cleaning yesterday, and my girlfriend's makeup bags were obviously rummaged through and the lid was broken on one of the items. Makeup spilled into the bottom of the bag. I've attached photos of the item with the missing lid and the spilled makeup in the bottom of the bag.

    Images Attached:
    broken makeup case makeup spilled in bag

    Background Information:
    Team's account of what happened: You speak to the team who cleaned the customer's home Yesterday. They tell you the bag was in the bathroom while they were cleaning. They moved the bag to clean under it. Then, put it back where they found it. According to them, they didn't check inside the bag and wouldn't have had time too even if they wanted to.
    Your Resources: You have a $100 slush fund to help deal with issues like this.
    Other Things to know: We offer a 200% happiness guarantee and want to make sure we're taking care of customers every time. Details of that guarantee can be found here.
    Bonus Points If: You can solve this in a way that makes the customer happy and doesn't lose any money. 🙂

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We’re a small but fast growing home cleaning business. As a company, we focus on keeping our people (You) happy. We believe that a great company comes from having great people in it. Because of that, we’re building a culture of being honest and supporting each other. 

Who we’re looking for

We’re looking for super talented customer service experts to take us to the next level.

The type of people who can think for themselves, problem solve and make customers happy. This job is work from home so you’ll also have to be able to manage your own time and get tasks done.

Bonus if

  • You have past sales or customer service experience.
  • Are available to work some Saturdays

Job Description

Work from home answering phones, emails and solving customer and cleaning team problems.

At the end of the day, this job is all about making people happy! While it seems simple on the surface this job involves a lot of problem-solving.

You’ll be responsible for not only helping customers but also the teams that serve them. Setting expectations, solving customer issues and passing on great feedback to the team.


  • Work from home
  • Work with a supportive team who want to help you learn and grow
  • Paid time off
  • Sick days
  • Opportunity to grow in a small business



  • Be self-reliant
  • Keep people happy
  • Respond to emails and calls quickly
  • Solve problems intelligently and creatively
  • Go above and beyond to make customers happy no matter what!
  • Keep notes of customer conversations and requests and communicate them to the team.
  • Have great written and verbal communications skills
  • Know the basic functions of a computer and smartphone



  • Answer inbound calls and emails
  • Make a great first impression with the customer
  • Make customers happy whether that means mailing a happy birthday card or giving a refund
  • Use your spidey senses to detect if a customer is going to be an issue

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