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I’m a single mother with two dogs and a cat so cleaning my house can be a nightmare, and I don’t have time to do it. That’s why having a company like Tidy Casa on my side is such a blessing. They do a great job.
Sharon J. Barrett

I recently purchased a new house, and the previous owner left it a disaster. Not only did Tidy Casa not mess around with quotes and negotiations but they were able to send a team to clean up that day they did an incredible job and we’re going to be using them again! I highly recommend Tidy Casa.
Wayne McGee

Tidy Casa, you’re amazing! When I first started using Tidy Casa I was forced to book a cleaning last minute, and not only were they able to send someone that day, but the two cleaners who came were rock stars! They did a seriously thorough and amazing job and I’ve been a customer ever since.
Ella Fischer

5 star home cleaning service

The Tidiest Casa you could possibly imagine. After six months of remodeling my condo and not cleaning it once, it is fair to say that I needed a house cleaning if I wanted my girlfriend to stay. So this last Saturday, I finally gave in. The cleaners came in at 11 AM and left at 1 PM. The team lead was named Veronica and she was understanding, very detailed-oriented, and helpful. After the two hours that the cleaners had been there, this is what I noticed: the floors felt brand new in bare feet; the kitchen was spotless (they even washed our dishes and cleaned an uncleanable range!!); every surface in the house was dusted; the bathroom smelled like flowers (the whole house actually smelled like flowers); and they left a little delicious bar of soap showing their appreciation. I also suspect they went to Hogwarts because there is no way they should’ve been able to do what they did in the time they did it in.

Santiago Peralta

5 star home cleaning service

Absolutely unbelievable. The site was quick and easy. The cleaner was on time and asked if I had any preferences on supplies or any allergies. They were fast with excellent attention to detail. Well worth the money. Easily recommending to friends and family. Also the leave behind soap is amazing and I would like more! 🙂

Jessica Abbott

5 star home cleaning service

Loved it, Loved Tidy Casa whole process from booking my appointment to the actual cleaning. The website was super easy, great when your schedule is crazy!! The team who cleaned my house was efficient and did an awesome job. I will be booking with them again!! Thank you Tidy Casa.

Nancy Piccolo

5 star home cleaning service

Great house cleaning service. They showed up on time, asked if we had any preferences as to what type of cleaning products to use, and did an overall great job.

Johnathan W.

5 star home cleaning service

I do not have time nor do I want to clean my condo. I just want to come home from a busy day’s work and not have to keep working. Tidy Casa made that possible. I loved coming home to a clean home with everything in its place. It smelled so fresh!! Veronica and her team did an awesome job. Not only did they clean every single shutter on my windows but the soap they left – mmmmmm so good. I wash my hands in that bathroom, with the Tidy Casa soap just because it smells so good- AND I know it’s organic, as are all of their products. I would absolutely use Tidy Casa over and over (I think I might book a cleaning right now!) Thank you so much for your really over-and-above customer service.

Nicole Mueller