Things We Can’t Clean

Some things we won’t be able to help with

Safety First!

To help keep our teams safe we have a few requests.


Keep pets safe

We love pets but please, make sure your animals are out of harm’s way or locked up if necessary.


Home cleaner working out side

Working outside can leave our teams vulnerable to dehydration and other effects. Please, keep our staff indoors. This includes cleaning areas like garages and patios, even small ones. 


Home cleaner staying on the ground

We keep our teams on the ground at all times. This means no climbing ladders of any kind. We’ll use extending poles to clean hard to reach places.

Heavy Objects

home cleaners lifting heavy objects

Our staff isn’t able to lift more than 30lbs. For their safety, If you require cleaning behind appliances or furniture please make accommodations to get these moved.

Biological Waste

home cleaner cleaning biological waste

We aren’t equipped to clean any chemical or biological waste. Let us know if you have any of these challenges and we’ll be happy to refer you to someone who can help with these messes.

Things We Can’t Clean

There aren’t many things Tidy Casa can’t clean. Below is the short list of common items we get asked for but can’t help with are below. There may be additional things not on this list that we can’t do. If you have any questions, give us a call. 🙂

If something is included in this list it’s there because we either aren’t carrying the proper coverage for the task or we don’t carry the equipment to do so.

In cases where you need help with the following let us know. In most cases, we’ll have a great specialist who can help you out. 🙂

  • Pet Hair on upholstery, furniture, & everywhere else: We love pets, but their hair offers unique challenges. While we don’t have extra fees for general pet hair clean-up, we’ll do our best to get up what we can. That said, it’s not uncommon, especially with cat hair, for the hair to resettle after sweeping or vacuuming. Pet hair removal from areas like upholstery, drapes, or furniture requires special training, equipment, and additional time. If there’s a need for pet hair removal or any other pet hair removal services, let us know. We’re always happy to refer a specialist we know and love. 


  • Unloading the dishwasher: We’re always happy to clean dishes and load the dishwasher. However, we’re not able to unload and put away dishes. When unloading the dishwasher, we’re more likely to break dishes (never fun). More importantly, we never 100% know where all the dishes go. Nothing stinks as much as looking high and low for the prized coffee cup, only to find it in the wrong cupboard two weeks later. 


  • Cleaning Dishwashers & Washing Machines: Over time dishwashers can build up odor and need a light cleaning. This isn’t a service we offer. Cleaning a washing machine or dishwasher can take up to 4 hours and most of that time is waiting around for the machine to cycle. This makes the process non-economical. If a washing machine needs to be cleaned, simply add one cup of white vinegar and run a cycle on hot. Once complete, run one more time to remove any leftover vinegar. This should remove any smell. Then, wipe away any leftover particles.


  • Light bulbs & lighting fixtures: We won’t wipe down or wet wipe light bulbs. These are too fragile and tend to break often.


  • Garages & patios: With Arizona heat, we need to keep our teams indoors. It’s too dangerous in AZ for us to clean outdoors without special considerations. On top of that, we don’t carry the necessary pressure washers to clean patios and garages correctly. Because of this, we can’t clean garages or patios. If this is needed, we’re always happy to refer one of our friends who can help. 


  • Outdoor or hard-to-reach windows: Outside windows can require ladders and special equipment to clean properly. Our teams are only set up to clean inside windows which can be reached with extending poles. For windows greater than 8 feet high we may not be able to clean them even if it’s an inside window.


  • High-up places: Safety is incredibly important to us. Because of this, we require our teams to keep both feet on the ground at all times. This means no climbing on ladders of any kind including small step stools. We’ll use extending poles to clean hard-to-reach places but they won’t be able to reach everything depending on how high it is. If the cleaning requires cleaning window panes, walls, or cobwebs higher than 5 feet, or ceiling fans higher than 7 feet we’ll need to refer another service. If there are any questions about what we can reach please, give us a call and we’ll happily get it figured out. Thanks for keeping our teams safe! 🙂


  • Construction cleanings: Construction cleanings require special preparations and a unique ability to quote construction messes. We are not a construction cleaning company and can’t help with these jobs. If you recently remodeled or built a new home and require construction cleaning help, we’ll need to refer you to another service. If you booked a deep cleaning thinking “it’s just a little dust” and didn’t disclose the property recently had construction. We’ll have to leave and refer you to another service.


  • Removing paint & other construction messes: We are not insured or trained to help with the removal of dried paint, plaster, or other forms of construction mess from windows, floors, countertops, or other surfaces. Even if it can be “take it off with a finger,” doing so can be very time-consuming and dangerous in terms of possible damage to surfaces. Because of this, we’ll have to refer jobs of this nature to post-construction cleaning specialists who are better equipped to help in these specific situations. 


  • Odor removal & remediation: Removing strong odors from animal waste, smoke, mold, or anything else that may require remediation isn’t something Tidy Casa can help with. We have trusted experts we can refer you to for this, however. Let us know if this is something you need to be done. 🙂


  • Detailed carpet & floor cleaning: Detailed carpet and floor cleaning beyond sweeping, mopping and vacuuming isn’t something our staff can do. If steam cleaning or floor waxing, buffing, or polishing is required we have specialists we can refer you to. Let us know if this is something you’re looking for.


  • Bed bugs & other insects: Issues related to insects, especially bed bugs. The home needs to have a professional bed bug removal service and a professional carpet cleaning. Once this has been done we’ll be able to start cleaning services again. If we discover there is an insect problem or bed bugs. We’ll have to stop the service and refer you to an insect removal service.

Please, help keep our teams safe and be respectful of these rules. Let us know if your cleaning requires any of the above so we can work with you on a solution.  🙂

We can’t wait to help you tidy up!