Move In and Move Out Home Cleaning Service

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Moving isn’t easy, the last thing you need to worry about is getting the old/new home cleaned. Leave it to the professionals, let the experts at Tidy Casa take care of the move-in / move-out cleaning for you.

Whether you’re a renter moving out or a landlord with a new tenant on the way. The move-in / move-out cleaning is important.

When a place gets rented it’s crucial that the new resident moves into a clean space. As a renter, it’s important to clean on the way out to get the deposit back.

Either way, the move in / move out cleaning is crucial.

Why Get a Move-In/Move-Out Cleaning?

The move-in/move-out cleaning includes everything in the basic /standard cleaning with some handy add-ons for empty homes. The basic/standard cleaning includes cleaning the countertops, floors, bathrooms, kitchens, and other standard cleaning items.

When doing a move-in / move-out cleaning there are some extra considerations taken to make sure the residence is ready for the next family.

Move-In/Move-Out Cleaning Includes

  • Everything in the standard cleaning
  • Dusting ceiling fans (as needed)
  • Dusting window sills
  • Dusting blinds
  • Cleaning the inside windows panes.
  • Cleaning baseboards
  • Sweeping, mopping, and vacuuming.

Extras Available Upon Request
Several extras are available à la carte for move-in/move-outs that need a little extra TLC. Let us know if you’re looking for anything on this list. That way, we can allow enough time to get everything done.

  • Inside oven
  • Inside cabinets
  • Inside refrigerator
  • Wet wiping blinds

Remember, these are NOT included by default. Please, let us know if they’re needed so we can get them done. 🙂

What’s NOT Included?

We get a lot of questions about certain tasks in regards to move-in/move-out cleanings. Because of this, we’ve felt compelled to add a few notes on what’s NOT included in a move-in/move-out cleaning. 
Outside Windows
We don’t carry equipment and aren’t insured for cleaning the outside windows. If there’s dirt or grime on the outside it may leave the inside windows looking dirty after we’ve left. If you need help cleaning the outside windows, let us know. We’re always happy to refer to a business we know and trust. 
Carpet Cleaning
We don’t carry equipment for steam cleaning or carpet stain removal. For serious carpet stains or if you’re in need of a steam cleaning. Please, contact a carpet cleaning specialist. If you’re looking for a referral, we’d be happy to provide one!
Other Things
There are a number of things we can’t help with due to lack of equipment or for safety reasons. The full list can be found here. If you have any questions about what is or is not included. Feel free to reach out directly and ask.

Frequently Asked Questions About Move-in/Move-Out Cleanings

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    What’s the difference between a move-in/move-out and a regular cleaning?

    Move-in/move-out cleanings include a few extras to ensure a home is ready for the next resident. The extras included in the move-in/move-out cleaning include:

    • Baseboards
    • Inside windows
    • Window sills
    • Ceiling fans

    Everything for the move-in/move-out cleaning is done to ensure the home looks as good as new for the next resident. More information can be found on your move-in/move-out page here.

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    What is the difference between a deep clean and a move-out clean?

    While there is a lot of overlap between move-in/move-out and deep cleanings, they are different. A move-in/move-out cleaning is designed to prepare a home for transition between families, focusing on the areas that are hard to clean with furniture in the home. Deep cleanings typically focus more on items that only need cleaning every 6-12 months. While there is a lot of overlap between the two, we suggest sticking to the move-in/move-out cleanings for empty homes and the deep cleaning service for bi-annual spring cleanings. 

    While both move-in/move-out cleanings include standard cleaning items, move-in/move-out cleanings will focus on cleaning the baseboards, blinds, and inside window panes. Deep cleanings tend to focus on baseboards, blinds, doors, AC vents, light switches, and power outlets. 

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    How do I clean my house after moving out?

    When moving out of a home, most home buyers or landlords expect to see a typical list of items cleaned. Those items include all the typical cleaning items like sweeping, mopping, and dusting, as well as cleaning the baseboards, blinds, inside window panes, cabinets, and inside the fridge. It’s important to note that most landlords of new buyers will typically also require professionally steam cleaning the carpets in addition to the other cleaning items. Because of the required equipment to steam clean carpets, these two services are usually performed by different companies.  

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    What is included in the deep cleaning of a house?

    Deep cleanings include everything a standard cleaning does but with more detailed work, which includes the following.

    • A dusting of the baseboards
    • Dusting blinds
    • Wiping down doors
    • A dusting of AC vents
    • Wipe down light switches
    • Wipe down power outlets
    • Ceiling fans, if requested, they’re easy to overlook when they’re running.


    More information on the deep cleaning service can be found on our deep cleaning page.

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    Can a landlord charge you for cleaning after you move out?

    Yes, it’s very typical for landlords to charge for move-out cleanings after a tenant vacates a home. That said, most landlords prefer to pass that chore onto the residents. This can be accomplished by hiring a professional cleaning service or by the resident doing the cleaning themselves. Professional cleaners will have more experience to help get the job done right the first time and decrease the chances a landlord may come back with additional fees.

    All landlords are different and will have different rules. It’s essential to consult with the landlords before making plans to purchase a move-out cleaning service. Some landlords may have preferred vendors or checklists that need to be addressed to avoid charging any additional fees after moving out.   

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    Do you have to clean the oven when you move out?

    Most landlords will require cleaning the inside and outside of appliances like ovens, refrigerators, and microwaves. It’s important to note that most modern ovens have self-cleaning features, which can make removing any chemicals inside the oven a challenge. If chemicals are not removed properly, it may result in chemical smells the next time the oven heats up, which is a great way to ruin dinner. 


    It’s essential to check if the oven has a self-clean, auto-clean, or clean button on the control face. This is the giveaway that the oven needs to be put into a self-cleaning mode so it can clean itself. This will typically lock the oven down for 3-6 hours while it heats up to remove any gunk that may have built up. Once this process is completed, all that’s left to do is wipe away the dust that would have accumulated at the bottom of the oven.


    NOTE: Do not use self-clean mode if any chemicals are still inside the oven. This may result in permanent damage to the oven.

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    What is the fastest way to clean your house professionally?

    The easiest and fastest way to clean a house is to hire a professional to do the cleaning service. More than professional cleaning supplies, professional cleaners have a world of experience most of us don’t. This allows them to move through a house much quicker. Most professionals can complete house cleaning within 2-3 hours, whereas someone without that experience may take 5-8 hours to do the same quality of work. 


    Suppose the affordability of a professional cleaner is a consideration. The best thing to do is to clean/dust from top to bottom. Meaning dusting higher selves, then countertops, then floors. Focus on the more essential payoff items that make the most difference. Sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, making beds, clearing out the dishes, and wiping down the countertops. While not being a complete professional cleaning, these items will significantly impact how the space looks.

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    What does a typical move-in and move-out cleaning require?

    Move-in/move-out cleanings include everything the standard cleaning does but with more detailed work focusing on areas that are hard to get while there’s furniture in the home. Those things include:

    • Dusting the baseboards
    • Dusting blinds
    • Wiping down doors
    • A dusting of AC vents
    • Wipe down light switches
    • Wipe down power outlets
    • Ceiling fans, if requested, they’re easy to overlook when they’re running.


    More information on the deep cleaning service can be found on our move-in/move-out cleaning page.

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    Am I required to be home for the cleaning?

    No, giving the cleaning team access is perfectly acceptable without you being present. Because moving can be so much work, we typically encourage clients to give us access to the home so they won’t have to wait in an empty home while we clean. That can be done by either leaving a key under the mat, in a lock box, or by using a door or garage code to gain access. As long as we know how to get in we’ll be able to get started while you focus on other more important moving items. We’ll even lock up when we’re done.

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    How long will does a move-in/move-out cleaning take?

    Move-in/ move-outs require more detailed work than a typical cleaning. Because of this,  we assume a move-in/move-out will add an hour or two to the time of a standard cleaning. A one bedroom / one bathroom would take around two-three hours, whereas a three bedroom could take up to three or five hours.


    All homes are different and have their unique challenges, and all cleaners move at different speeds. That’s one of the reasons we use flat-rate pricing. It allows us the time to get the job done right.

Move-In/Move-Out Cleaning Pro-Tips

We’ve done a lot of move-in/move-out cleanings and know a thing or two about making sure they go smoothly!

Leave a key🔑

Most move-in/move-outs are typically used for empty homes.

It can feel like an eternity waiting through our hour-long arrival window in an empty house. Especially if the Internet is shut off and there’s no Netflix!

Because of this, we always suggest leaving a key to get in. Either under the mat, in the mailbox, or in a lockbox if one is available.

Just let us know in the entry notes where the key will be, and we’ll be set up for success! 

Have running water and power💡

Often we won’t have running water or power when we show up to do a move-out cleaning.

Not having power or water makes for a not-so-great experience for everyone. We need both for a successful cleaning!

If you’re having either of these turned on, make sure to schedule the cleaning for at least 24-hours after. For example, if the water is being activated on a Tuesday, schedule the cleaning for Wednesday.

This way, the utility company has plenty of time to turn on the water or power. Making sure they have plenty of time will save us all headaches later.

NOTE: If we don’t have running water or power, we’ll need to reschedule the service. Rescheduling may result in a cancellation fee.

Leave a few days after in case a re-cleaning is needed📅

It doesn’t happen often, but if items are missed during the cleaning or someone in our office calls out sick, it’s helpful to still have access to the home a few days after the scheduled cleaning.

That way, if we need to do a re-cleaning or reschedule for any reason, we have a small buffer to figure things out. Think of this as an insurance policy to make the move perfectly zen. 🧘

Schedule other services on different days🚚

Schedule them all on different days if you’re planning on having movers, carpet cleaners, or plumbers.

It isn’t easy to clean when other services are working, and we also know they feel the same way.

Please make sure we all get a bit of space to do a great job. Otherwise, people moving boxes in and out while we’re cleaning can lead to a less than satisfactory experience. 

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