Cancellation Policy


Late Cancellations

One of the ways we ensure we keep the best cleaning teams is making sure they stay busy.

Late cancellations, is our biggest challenge when trying to accomplish this. We understand many cancellations are out of peoples control. Things like getting sick and last minute family emergencies come up.

We know life happens and we’ll always be understanding of that.

However, in order the keep our teams busy so they stick around, we do ask for at least a 48 hours notice if there’s a need to cancel.

In cases where we don’t get at least a 48-hour notice, we reserve the right charge a $70 cancellation fee.

Cancellation fees may be charged for reasons outside of requesting a cancellation.

These include not being able to gain entry, payment failing, no running water, no electricity, or no working air conditioning. Especially during the summer months.

In these cases, we’ll always try our best to find a creative solution to get the job done. When we can’t, or can’t get in contact with the homeowner to help we’ll need to charge the fee.

Essentially, if we aren’t able to perform the service at no fault of our own, a cancellation fee may be charged.

Thanks for understanding!