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Residential Home and Apartment Cleaning Service

When we show up for a home cleaning we follow very specific guidelines to make sure we deliver a world-class service every time.

Our standard residential home cleaning covers everything you would expect including:

  • Kitchen Spaces
  • Bath and Tub Spaces
  • Bedroom
  • Living Spaces

More detail at our residential and apartment cleaning, and maid service page.

What's Included in Our Home Cleaning Services?

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  • Dust all accessible surfaces
  • Clean countertops
  • Empty sink and load up dishwasher with dirty dishes
  • Wipe down exterior of appliances like the stove, oven, and fridge
  • Clean the inside and outside of the microwave
  • Clean all floor surfaces
  • Take out any garbage and replace garbage bags
Cleaning a kitchen
Cleaning a kitchen


  • Polish and clean mirrors
  • Clean and wash out sinks
  • Shine spouts and handles
  • Wash all countertops
  • Sanitize toilets and toilet bowls
  • Clean showers and tubs
  • Empty and replace trash can bags
  • Sweep, mop and vacuum all floor surfaces
Bathroom cleaning
Bathroom cleaning

Bedroom, Living Room & Common Areas

  • Wiping down table surfaces and countertops
  • Dusting ceiling fans (as needed)
  • Dusting window sills (as needed)
  • Empty and replace trash can bags
  • Sweep, mop, and vacuum all floor surfaces
Living room and common areas cleaning
Living room and common areas cleaning

Extras (upon request)

In addition to the standard cleanings, extras can always be added upon request for that additional shine.

  • Cleaning inside refrigerator
  • Cleaning inside of the oven
  • Cleaning the interior windows
  • Clean all floor surfaces
  • Cleaning the inside of cabinets
  • Dusting blinds
  • Wet wiping blinds
  • Cleaning doors
  • Dusting AC vents
  • Spot cleaning walls
  • Move-in/Move-out cleaning: Inside windows, dusting blinds, and baseboards
  • Deep cleaning: Baseboards, dusting blinds, doors, vents, light switches, and power outlets
  • Heavy-duty cleanings are also available for homes that require a little more TLC
House cleaner dusting ceiling fans
House cleaner pointing to extra Tidy Casa services.



Move-in / Move-Out Cleanings

Moving into a new home or moving out of your old one? Tidy Casa can help! The move-in/move-out services will get that home to a pristine new home condition. Maybe even bring back that new home smell!


Move-in / Move-Out Cleaning includes:

  • Everything from the standard cleaning
  • Inside Windows
  • Baseboards
  • Extra’s available upon request include: Inside of the oven, inside of the refrigerator, inside of the cabinets and others…

This is the best fit for empty homes in the process of moving.


More detail on our move-in/move-out cleaning page.



Eco-Friendly Cleaning Services

Sustainability and protecting the environment are as important to us as they are to you! That’s why we offer an eco-friendly cleaning option.


The eco-friendly cleaning service includes everything included in the standard cleaning service with the inclusion of eco-friendly products.


Our eco-friendly products don’t use any chemicals that are harmful to your family or pets. Sleep sound knowing you’re not only protecting the environment but also your loved ones.


Get more details at our eco-friendly cleaning services page.



Deep Cleaning Service

Been a while since you’ve had a professional cleaning or are you just in need of some serious elbow grease? Tidy Casa has you covered! Book our deep cleaning service to get into all the nooks and crannies.


Deep cleaning includes everything in the standard cleaning with the addition of more detail work including:

  • Everything included in the standard cleaning
  • Baseboards
  • Air Conditioning Vents (if they’re reachable without a ladder)
  • Ceiling fans
  • Light switches
  • AC and power outlets

Get more details on our deep cleaning page


We have a host of cleaning services to make it easier for you to maintain your home, apartment, or commercial space.

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Note: All cleaning jobs are custom and subject to the cleaning teams better judgment. More or less service may be provided on a case by case basis.

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