Annie finds a lost childhood memento while cleaning

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Cleaning a house is not a typical business. Because of the intimate nature of cleaning, we connect with people in very unexpected ways, which is what happened to one of our home cleaners Annie. While cleaning, Annie serendipitously found a long-lost childhood art piece from her parents hanging in a client’s living room.

While cleaning Ryleigh’s house, Annie noticed a cross-stitch art piece from her childhood on the wall. It took a minute to realize what she was looking at, but after looking for a beat, Annie realized it was the same cross stitch Annie’s grandmother crafted as a wedding gift for her parents nearly 20 years ago.
It hung in her father’s house for years before it got lost in a messy estate arrangement following her father’s passing.

As she glanced at the piece, she remembered seeing the cross stitch every day sitting above the old Zenith console in her parent’s living room. She remembered looking at it daily as she sat on her parents’ gold velvet couch. She explained that after her father passed, “everything of his was donated or given away, so we don’t know what happened to most of it.”

Ryleigh picked up the artwork just down the street years later at a local Goodwill store. “I thought this was beautiful; I have a lot of oranges and yellows in my house, so I knew that it would match all of my decors,” said Ryleigh looking at the heirloom. After hearing Annie’s story, Ryleigh kindly gifted the childhood memento back to Annie as she felt it was “meant to be with her” since it’s found its way back into her life.

In exchange, Annie gave Ryleigh another cross-stitch art piece Annie had made as a child.