Four reasons cleaning and organizing differ

By reliefkey

  • Cleaners eliminate grime. Organizers manage things.
  • Organizing is about placing things correctly and going through all your stuff. Cleaners Make your home smell yummy and keep you safe.
  • Cleaners keep you from sneezing. Organizers keep you from going crazy. 
  • Organizers can help you prepare for cleaners. Cleaners want you to be ready.

Do you need your home cleaned, organized, or then cleaned?

Whatever the case, it is a common misconception that cleaners and organizers are in the same industry, and although there is sometimes overlap, they are very different jobs.

Here are the four ways organizing and cleaning diverge. 

Cleaners eliminate dust and grime while organizers manage and rearrange items.


Home cleaning services are masters at removing dirt and grime from the nooks and crannies of your home. They know how to get into every little crevasse and wipe, scrub, or cast a magical spell to remove any gross dirt, dust, or moldy food remnants that you might have personally missed.


Organizers, however, will wipe down surfaces, especially because cleaners will likely never see the bottom of a shelf. Organizers got that for you but won’t do much more than that when it comes to cleaning, they like to handle the items stored in your closets, cupboards, garages, and kid’s rooms. 

Organizing is about placing things correctly and sorting through all your items. Cleaners Make your home smell yummy and keep you safe.


We help you sort through every item in your home and decide what to keep, donate, or throw away and whatever you choose to keep, they help you put back in an excellent, orderly way! 

For organizers, it’s about helping you create systems and making sure every time in your home has a place to live. They are all about making your home comfy and enjoyable to live in.


Cleaners make your home smell yummy because they wipe away the nastiness and use good-smelling chemicals to give your home a fresh, clean scent. 

They also keep you safe because they help to remove deadly bacteria and viruses that may be lingering after being brought inside from the outside world or moldy food lying around.

So it could be said they are superheroes keeping you alive one spray at a time.

Cleaners keep you from sneezing. Organizers keep you from going crazy.


Dust can cause a lot of issues, like aggravating allergies. Removing it is essential to maintaining a clean and happy home. Most people who opt to clean their homes don’t do as thought a job as the professionals do. A professional cleaning team is here to get all the icky dust off your selves, countertops, floors, and anywhere else it might be hiding. 


Home organizers despise dust. It makes them sneeze, too, the organizers don’t dust unless it’s an area they are working on, but they’ll only do it that once. After that, it’s up to the cleaners. 

Organizers are great at ensuring you don’t go crazy from clutter. They help relax your mind by removing clutter and allowing you to find any item in a home when needed quickly. 

That kind of work isn’t in a cleaner’s job description. They will listen but are ultimately there to clean. Organizers listen and adjust to solve life problems while going through every item in a home. 

Organizers can help get ready for cleaners. Cleaners want a ready home.

Cleaners don’t like it when stuff on counters and floors isn’t put away when they get there, they want the house ready for them, which I never understood, aren’t they there to clean!? 

But again, putting stuff away isn’t necessarily in their job description. Home organizers can help you get your things put away so the cleaners are happy with you and will work extra hard when they come to make your home sparkle!

In conclusion

Although cleaning and organizing services overlap in some areas and complement each other well, they are not the same. 

It’s great to organize your home and hire a cleaning service to do a deep cleaning. You’ll be feeling like an absolute boss after doing that. 


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