Password Reset/Log In For The First Time

First Time Login and Password Reset


Trying to log into your new Tidy Casa account for the first time and having trouble?

Don’t worry, we have your back. 

Password Reset

Step 1

In order to log in to your Tidy Casa account, navigate to the Tidy Casa login page here

From there, select the “Forgot Password?” button. 

Forgot password button

Step 2

The next page will ask for the address associated with your account. The email address will be the email you used to book your last appointment. 

Reset password field

Step 3

Once complete a green check box will appear letting you know the password reset link has been emailed. 

password change success

Step 4

The next step is to check the email address on file. There should be an email with the subject line “Reset your password!” Open that email and click the “Reset Password” button. 

Password  reset email

Step 5

On the Set Password page, enter two matching passwords that you’ll be able to remember for next time. 

set password page half filled

Step 6

Once a password is accepted you’ll be returned to the login screen. A green box will appear at the top of the screen confirming that the password was successfully updated. 

Password reset confirmation

From here, you should be able to log into the system normally.